Vitamin E is one of the key ingredients in most moisturisers, It has many different benefits besides preventing the onset of wrinkles.

Vitamin E is vital in the wound healing process and preventing the formation of scar tissue, applying Vitamin E to a recent wound or burn can help prevent infection, speed up healing, and reduce the severity of the scar. It can also reduce the appearance of age spots, stretch marks, and is also known to prevent blood clots. Topical Vitamin E is also great at treating chronic dry skin, dermatitis and eczema.

Vitamin E also plays a huge role in protecting the skin against the sun, by increasing the skins antioxidant reserves and absorbing ultra violet radiation. It is important to use a high concentrate Vitamin E moisturiser every day in conjunction with broad spectrum SPF.

Over the past 15 years Dr Langov in conjunction with a compounding chemist has refined a Vitamin E cream. After many years of trial and error this cream has been formulated at the exact concentration to be effective. It is a stable and safe formulation with no known side effects.