Do You Have a Blue Spot On Your Lip?

Lip Veins

A Venous Lake (Lip Vein) is a benign, pigmented skin condition that is caused by a dilated small vein.

Lip Veins (Venous Lakes)

Venous lakes manifest as dark blue compressible papules caused by dilation of venules. Venous lakes most commonly occur in adults older than 50 years with a history of long-term sun exposure. The typical presentation is a slow-growing asymptomatic lesion. Patients with venous lakes may report that the papule has been present for several years prior to presentation. Recurrent bleeding after minor trauma may also be reported.

Venous Lake (Pre-Treatment)
Venous Lake (Post-Treatment)

Current Procedures

Previously these veins required quite a large surgical operation with a general anesthetic to be effectively treated. Currently vascular lasers can quite effectively remove these veins in one treatment without anesthetic.

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