Hair removal treatments for all parts of the body.

Hair Removal

Utilizing the latest laser hair removal technology, our hair removal lasers are scientifically proven to be the best for all skin types for laser hair reduction. We are one of the few clinics with 2 lasers for dark and fair skin.

Our unique patented laser headpiece actually cools and soothes the skin as hair is removed from the skin. Hair can be removed from all parts of the body with most areas require 4-6 treatments, but the number of treatments can vary due to hair thickness and color and the natural hair growth cycle. Side effects are quite minimal, the most common is slight reddening of the area and some local swelling. In rare instances blistering may occur.

Hair Removal – Pre Treatment(s)
Hair Removal – Post Treatment(s)

How Does It Work?

The mechanism of action involves the transfer of heat from the laser into the hair and then to transmit this heat into the root of the hair to ensure destruction. The main challenge is that there is pigmentation in the skin as well.

Therefore the skin must be protected whilst still being able to deliver the correct dosage of energy into the hair root without burning the skin. Also if the laser lacks depth of penetration then this can affect the efficiency of the treatment.

Complexity of treating hair

Various wavelengths of laser light absorb at varying degrees into the hair. Since laser light is attracted to the color of the skin as well as the color of the hair, there is in fact quite a fine art in selecting which laser will apply to which skin type.

The wrong choice of laser, will either not have enough energy penetrating into the hair to effectively destroy the hair root. Or if the skin is dark will leave the skin burnt, blistered and permanently scarred.

Most clinics only have one laser system, which can be quite a limiting factor when treating patients with various skin types. In fact treating some hair /skin types can be quite challenging.

Our advanced laser systems are not only able to choose what wavelength is used but also the concentration of the beam (pulse width). For a system to effectively treat both light/dark or coarse/fine hair, the system should have the ability to adjust both the pulse width and energy dosages and wavelength of light. If your practitioner is unable to achieve this then the laser system is substandard and you will most likely need 16 treatments with very little hair reduction. So when treatments seem inexpensive this is reflected in the technology and education level of the operator.

For Further Information on Hair Removal Procedure, please refer to our PDF Brochure by clicking here.


Within the sate of NSW there are currently no regulations as to who may operate powerful lasers. Many lasers come from China and do not self calibrate, effectively cool the skin and commonly perform poorly resulting in permanent scaring of the skin. This occurs since pulse widths and wavelengths cannot be adjusted for each individual client. Also most non-medical practitioners lack adequate indemnity insurance to compensate patients.

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