Is your skin feeling a bit itchy and scratchy?

It could be the cold weather that has come to stay for a while. During the colder months our skin is put under constant temperature changes. Its cold outside and inside there is the hot air from air conditioning and hot showers, this can lead to your skin becoming more fragile during winter and in turn it becomes red, inflamed and irritated. You will tend to feel more of an itch and possible flaking and skin not healing itself and general dryness of the skin.

Your skin simply may need some moisturizing, your face will need a gentle cleanse and use a cream that has Vitamin A,C and E this combination is best for the face and its all that you need. For the body a good Vitamin E cream will see you through the winter months and this is best applied after a shower.

And YES just because its winter the sunscreen is still needed to protect you from skin cancer and premature aging.

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Stop itching and call us for your winter supply of skin goodness.